Kangen Band - Bintang 14 Hari (Full Album 2008)

One of the most influential band from Indonesia, their music inspires many new band in Indonesia with their vision to get famous and filthy rich instantly without concern about their music quality at all.Lampung, INA in 2005, currently consist of DoDDy, Andika, Tama, Lim, Nory, Barry.
Their first album TENTANG AKU, KAU DAN DIA (2007), containing phenomenal single Tentang Bintang, Tentang Aku Kau dan Dia, and Selingkuh. The second album BINTANG 14 HARI, containg single “DOY”.Best known with their weird fashion style and lack of quality on live performance.

Download Track List
1. Yolanda
2. Doy
3. Kembali Pulang
4. Dengar Dan Rasakan
5. Bintang 14 Hari
6. Dinda
7. Jangan Menangis Lagi
8. Yakinlah Aku Menjemputmu
9. Anugrah
10. Tentang Jen
11. Cuma Kamu
12. Sayang

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