Jikustik - Malam (Full Album 2008)

Is now working the best to outlast The Upstairs by recording more danceable music. YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, JIMI! THIS IS YOUR “GIMME DANGER”.

Download Track List
01. Selamat Malam Download
02. Rencana Besar Download
03. Melupakanmu Download
04. Sudah Waktunya Download
05. Mengapa Kau Pergi Download
06. Sampai Kapanpun Download
07. Dia Harus Tahu Download
08. Tetap Percaya Download
09. Sekuat Tenaga Download
10. Ini Lagu Kita Download
11. Hai Anggi Download
12. Pengantar Tidur Download

Dewa 19 - Kerajaan Cinta (Full Album 2008)

Dhani formed the group Dewa in 1986 with three young schoolmates from Surabaya’s Public High School No. 6. In the words of Rolling Stone Magazine: “Armed with big dreams and a name laden with significance [Dewa means “god” in Javanese and Sanskrit], they moved forward, not realizing how enormously their decision to form the band would affect their lives in the years to come.
“Like many bands in the past, Dewa 19 has not been free of trouble, from personnel changes to gossip and legal difficulties. As the saying goes, ‘If something doesn’t kill you, it just makes you stronger.’ Here in the year 2006, Dewa 19’s flag remains firmly planted atop the world of Indonesian music.”

Download Track List
01. Dewi Download
02. Mati Aku Mati Download
03. Roman Picisan (New Version) Download
04. Separuh Nafas (New Version) Download
05. Kangen (New Version) Download
06. Angin (New Version) Download
07. Sedang Ingin Bercinta Download
08. Laskar Cinta Chapter One Download
09. Laskar Cinta Chapter Two Download
10. Emotional Love Song Download
11. Larut Download
12. Perasaanku Tentang Perasaanku Padamu Download

Delon - Perasaanku (Full Album 2008)

Delon (born Stanislaus Alexander Liauw Delon Thamrin on May 20 1978 in Jakarta) is a Chinese Indonesian singer and runner-up in the hit reality series Indonesian Idol. Delon, the youngest of three boys, grew up in a neighborhood of Mangga Besar.
Prior to Indonesian Idol, Delon never had formal music training. His first encounter with music was when he joined a choir in his parish, the St. Petrus and Paulus Church. Delon's classical tenor voice made him one of leading soloists of this choir.
He got his degree in English from the Saint Mary Academy of Foreign Language. After his father died in 2001, he was compelled to work to help finance his family. During this period, he became a door-to-door salesman selling spring-bed and plastic ware. Later on his singing ability opened the door for him to be a wedding singer and an MC. At the time he entered the Indonesian Idol contest, Delon was a non-managerial employee in a Japanese import-export company. He had to quit the job.
On 9 September 2004, Delon became a runner-up of the first Indonesian Idol contest after his rival, Joy Destiny Tobing.
Delon's first debut after Indonesian Idol took place when he opened the act for Blue Concert in Jakarta in October 2004, followed by the Air Supply concert in December 2004. His first album, called Bahagiaku (My Joyfulness), sold more than 300,000 copies in just under three months. Recently, Delon was voted as MTV's "Most Favourite Male" 2005. Delon just finished recording a song ("Kokoro No Tomo") with Mayumi Itsuwa in Japan and has appeared in several advertisements and releasing his first movie, Vina Says Love.
Delon has recently performed internationally for charity in Perth, Vancouver, and Seattle.

Download Track List
01. Indah Pada Waktunya (Ft Irene) Download
02. Perasaanku Download
03. Hari Berganti Download
04. Adinda Download
05. Aku Patah Hati Download
06. Memilikimu Download
07. Cinta Tanpamu Download
08. Untuk Cinta Download
09. Terbalik Download
10. Your Love (Ft Gita Gutawa) Download

D’Cinnamons - Good Morning (Full Album 2008)

D’Cinnamons, This band from Bandung has crafted an easy-listening brand of acoustic rock and sing-along harmonies. After playing in cafes for a couple years since their formation in 2004, the three friends went into the studio in 2006. The result on their debut album brings to mind visions of Alanis Morrisette and John Mayer. The first single "Loving You" won over thousands of kids on campus and, in 2007, the group is set to take even more cafes and campuses around the country by storm.
Download Track List
01. I Love You Download
02. I.M.U.L Download
03. Semua Yang Ada Download
04. Super Girl Download
05. So Would You Let Me Be Download
06. Ku Yakin Cinta Download
07. Loving You Download
08. Tak Takut! Download
09. Mayday, I’m In Love Download
10. Good Morning Download

Bondan Prakoso And Fade 2 Black - Unity (Full Album)

Download Track List
01. Unity Download
02. Xpresikan Download
03. Kau Puisi Download
04. Kroncong Protol Download
05. Waktu Download
06. U’ll Sorry Download
07. Rezpector Download
08. R.I.P (Rhyme In Peace) Download
09. Gusti Dewata Mulia Raya Download
10. Wrong Way Download
11. Microphone XXX Download
12. Rock On The Beat Download
13. Last But Not Least Download

Ari Lasso - The Best (Full Album 2008)

Life after fronting one of the biggest rock bands in Indonesian history has proven surprisingly good to ARI LASSO. Instead of being haunted by the specter of Dewa 19, the multiplatinum group he joined back in 1992, the singer gradually eased into a superstardom of his own.
As he made the transition by performing duets with singers like Melly Goeslaw, Ari began recording songs that he had been writing since 1997, when he left the band after four albums. Several years later, Ari was ready to release his first solo effort "Sendiri Dulu." That album (which loosely translated means "Alone") defied all expectations and sold 100,000 copies in two weeks. After six months more than 500,000 copies had been sold, making it one of the best selling albums of 2001.
The newly platinum-selling artist had found his niche and, after a tour, was ready once again head into the studio. This time, though, he wanted to get back to his roots in rock. He enlisted the help of former band members in Dewa and guitarist Piyu from Padi and left the pop behind. That decision paid off and "Keseimbangan" became one of the hottest cds in 2003. The following year, his third album "Kulihat, Kudengar, Kurasa" also flew off the shelves and soon after the only place he found himself "alone" was at the top of the charts.

Download Track List

01. Aku dan Dirimu (feat. BCL)
02. Mana Kutahu
03. Badai Pasti Berlalu
04. Misteri Illahi
05. Perbedaan
06. Cinta Terakhir
07. Rahasia Perempuan
08. Mengejar Matahari
09. Penjaga Hati
10. Hampa
11. Patah Hati
12. Sehidup Semati

Andien - Bisikan Hati (Full Album)

Andien is a vocalist better known for her jazzy approaches throughout her works.Her talent was spotted by Elfa Secioria, an Indonesian musician and composer, who managed to work on her first album. She has released three albums and collaborated on many musical projects.
She is influenced by many great singers including Ella Fitzgerald, Astrud Gilberto, and Corrine Bailey Rae.
The young talented singer Andien is now back with a whole new attitude. Andien's second album,"Kinanti,"is just right for her age, not quite like her first album back in 1999. Not that we didn't love her hit"Bisikan Hati"back then. After all, she was just a sixteen years old girl, with a very mature and talented voice!
Now that Elfa Secioria is no longer her producer, Andien turned to modern jazz musicians for help on her latest album, Indra Lesmana and Wong Aksan. And the result? A fresh, modern, still young and jazzy Andien.Her video"Sahabat Setia"is directed by Dimas Djay, featuring a bit of light disco theme with an all white background. No more Andien in haute de couture gowns, just Andien in sexy hotpants.

Download Track List
01. Bisikan Hati
02. Detik Tak Bertepi
03. The Boy From Ipanema
04. Meniti Pelangi
05. Mungkinkah
06. My Funny Valentine
07. Isyarat Cinta
08. Deras Hujan
09. Reprise The Boy From Ipanema

Agnes Monica - Whaddup A (Full Album)

Agnes Monica Muljoto (born July 1, 1986) is an Indonesian pop music singer, dancer and actress. Her album ...and the story goes... released in 2003 made her popular as a singer. She is recognized in many Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
As a child she became a singer and released three albums called Si Meong, Yess and Bala-bala, and became a presenter in VAN (Video Anak Anteve), Tralala-Trilili in RCTI and Diva Romeo in Trans TV. In 1999 she got an award from Panasonic Awards.

When she was 15 years old she played in a series called Pernikahan Dini, singing the series theme song. As the result for her role in "Pernikahan Dini" series she got 4 awards; The most popular drama series by viewers choice, most favorite drama actress in 2001 from Panasonic Awards, in 2002 she got Most Popular Drama and again most favorite drama actress.

In 2003 she released an album. Her first album called the Story Goes. The series she played in this year are Cewekku Jutek which also included her song "Indah" for the theme song and "Kau yang terindah". In this year she got one award from Panasonic Awards for Best Actress.

In 2004 she played in two series, Bunga Perawan and Cantik. She also won an award from Anugerah Planet Muzik Singapore for New Female Artist Awards, and three more awards from AMI Samsung 2004 for her music career Best duo for her collaboration with Ahmad Dhani, Best singer, and Best dance and techno for her song "Bilang Saja" plus an award from SCTV Award for her acting in Cantik. In 2005, she released her an album titled Whaddup A. In this album, she collaborated with US singer Keith Martin. Her two singles, "Bukan Milikmu Lagi" and "Tanpa Kekasihku" have become number 1 in MTV AMPUH (Indonesian).

Download Track List
01. Ku Disini
02. Tak Ada Logika
03. Dan Tak Mungkin
04. Tanpa Kekasihku
05. Kamu dan kamu
06. Get Up
07. Bukan Mulikmu Lagi
08. Tak Kan Sampai Disini
09. Cinta Diujung Jalan
10. What They Called Soulmate
11. Salah Jatuh Cinta
12. Light A Candle (feat. Keith Martin)

Wali Band - Orang Bilang

Download Track List
01. Orang Bilang
02. DIK
03. Tetap Bertahan {missing}
04. Egokah Aku
05. Sahabat Aku Cinta
06. Emang Dasar
07. Ku Bangga {missing}
08. Aku Bukan Taruhan
09. M.A.T.S
10. Aku Sakit

Download Full Album mp3 Wali Band - Orang Bilang CLICK HERE

Seventeen - Lelaki Hebat (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List
01. Untuk Mencintaimu
02. S’lalu Mengalah
03. Jalan Terbaik
04. Cinta Tak Bertuan
05. Takkan Menyerah
06. Lelaki Hebat
07. Datang Padaku
08. Saat Harus Memilih
09. Semua Untukmu
10. Ayah

Ost. Coblos Cinta - 2008 (Full Album)

Download Track List
01 - Adly Fairuz - Let It Flow
02 - Adly Fairuz - Kemenangan
03 - T2 - Lekaki Cadangan
04 - Merpati - Tak Selamanya Selingkuh Itu Indah
05 - Juwita - Suci
06 - Karen - Tanda Cinta
07 - Amour - Patah
08 - Athoy Herlambang - Sepenuh Cinta
09 - Kerispatih - Tapi Bukan Aku
10 - Erry Blind - Baby Honey

No Limits - Rahasia (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List
01. Kembali
02. Rahasia
03. Lagi Tinggi
04. Pergi
05. Bom Waktu
06. Tawuran
07. Tak Mungkin Tak Pernah
08. Tamasya Ke Bulan
09. Jerawat Batu
10. Yang Sudah Sudah

Indonesian Songs New Release (Compilation 2008)

Download Track List

Seurieus - Gelap Mata (new single)
Dewiq feat. Ipang (BIP) - Bete’
Ari Lasso -Sehidup Semati
Nugie - Lentera Jiwa (New Single 2008)
Andra & The Backbone - Main Hati (2008)
Tangga - Kesempatan Ke Dua (Ost.Lost In Love)
Element Ft Rendy - Tak Tersisa (Alb.Terang)
Tia Ft Vagetoz - Tulus
Seventeen - Selalu Mengalah
Rafika Duri - Demi Waktu (Ungu Cover)
Andrea ft Yana Yulio - Cinta Begini Adanya
Andien - Bisikan Hati(2008)
Tompi - Sedari Dulu (Alb.My Happy Life) Sample 2008
Naff - Kaulah Hidup dan Matiku
Acha Septriasa - Cinta Bertahan (Ost.Love)
Gita Gutawa - Sempurna (Ost.Love)
Gita Gutawa Ft Daffi - Dua Hati Menjadi Satu (Ost.Love)
Gita Gutawa - Surga di Telapak Kakimu
Zorro - Cinta Sembunyi (Ost.Kian)
Bumblebee - Dan Bila (Ost. Otomatis Romantis)
Agnes Monica - Matahariku (Ost.Jelita)
Intan Nuraini - Gubrak (Alb. Salut)
Delon - Terbalik
Laluna - Tetaplah Mencintaiku
The Berrys - Mengertilah
Embun - Berharap Kau kembali
Armada - Gagal Bercinta
UNO - Balas Kasih Ayah Bunda
Merpati - Wanita yang Mencintaimu
Shanty - Unbreakable
Shanty - Selamat Tinggal Selamanya
D’Masiv - Cinta Ini Membunuhku
D’Masiv - Diantara Kalian
Dewa19 ft Padi - Satu
Dewa ft Padi - Hadapi Dengan Senyuman
Dewa ft Padi - Persembahan Dari Surga
Peterpan - Football Mad Nation

Marya J - Demi Cinta (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List

Maha - Self Titled (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List
01 - Cinta Dongeng
02 - Bila Cinta Takkan Ada
03 - Jika
04 - Kau Bukan Untukku
05 - Ku Pasti Bisa
06 - C.L.B.K (17 November)
07 - Sejujurnya
08 - Bukan Pecundang
09 - Hancur Rasa
10 - Tanpa Bidadari
11 - Kau Bagai Bunga

Lobow - Terus Bersinar (Full Album)

Lobow is a singer and songwriter from Makassar, Indonesia. As a songwriter, he has written numerous songs for well-known Indonesian artists such as Ari Lasso, Naff, Rita Effendi, and Titi Kamal. As a singer, he is well-known for the song “Salah”, which is one of the soundtracks from an Indonesian movie “Coklat Stroberi”.

Download Track List
01 - Ingatkan Aku
02 - Kuatkan Hati
03 - Kau Cantik Hari Ini
04 - Yang Terbaik
05 - Ironis
06 - Jadi Diri Sendiri
07 - Jangan Memaksa
08 - Terus Bersinar
09 - Satu Jam Lagi
10 - Peace

L.A. Lights Indiefest Vol.2 (2008)

Download Track List
03. Cascade - She Pretend
07. Air Hostess for Vacation - A Call to
08. Wind Cries Mary - You’ve Got to Move on
09. Scared of Bums - Boring
10. Heinrich Manuever - Don’t Blame it
11. The Nylon - Sisakan Cintamu

Kotak - Kotak Kedua (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List
01 - Beraksi
02 - Kosong Toejoeh
03 - Tinggalkan Saja
04 - Berbeda
05 - Lagi Lagi
06 - Tetap Ada
07 - Masih Cinta
08 - Terluka
09 - Mencintaiku Dan Dia
10 - Bayang Abadi
11 - Rock Never Dies
12 - Kembali Untukmu

Klaad Band - Second Step

Download Track List
01 Kau Yang Terindah
02 Wanita Surga
03 Berikan Aku (~ missing ~)
04 Cinta Terakhirku
05 Hatimu Hatiku Dirinya
06 Aku Dan Hatimu
07 Gadis Manis ( ~ missing ~)
08 Tapi Bila (~ missing ~)
09 Takkan Hilang
10 Cintaku Padamu
11 Mengenang Indahmu

Kangen Band - Bintang 14 Hari (Full Album 2008)

One of the most influential band from Indonesia, their music inspires many new band in Indonesia with their vision to get famous and filthy rich instantly without concern about their music quality at all.Lampung, INA in 2005, currently consist of DoDDy, Andika, Tama, Lim, Nory, Barry.
Their first album TENTANG AKU, KAU DAN DIA (2007), containing phenomenal single Tentang Bintang, Tentang Aku Kau dan Dia, and Selingkuh. The second album BINTANG 14 HARI, containg single “DOY”.Best known with their weird fashion style and lack of quality on live performance.

Download Track List
1. Yolanda
2. Doy
3. Kembali Pulang
4. Dengar Dan Rasakan
5. Bintang 14 Hari
6. Dinda
7. Jangan Menangis Lagi
8. Yakinlah Aku Menjemputmu
9. Anugrah
10. Tentang Jen
11. Cuma Kamu
12. Sayang

Cozy Republic - Republik Uye

Formed in Jakarta at their first gig in the Music Factory launching event, a new record label under the flag of Kentucky Fried Chicken Indonesia group. Cozy Republic instantly became the center of attention of music reviewers in Indonesia with their first hit “Bisa Setia”.
Gannes on Drum a.k.a Drum for Oppie & BOP, Iwa K, Bima
Reynold on Guitar & Bac Vox
a.k.a Guitar for Slank, Oppie & BOP, Imanez and Otto JamFani on Bass
a.k.a Bass for Oppie & BOP, Iwa K, Flowers, Godam
Ujie on Lead Vox & Guitar a.k.a Producer for Ari Lasso, Nugie, Astrid, j-rocks, Guitar for D’brur.

Download Track List
01. Kucuri Hati ft Bongky Eron
02. Republik Uye
03. Hitam Putih
04. Kau Mirip Pacarku
05. Aku Masih Punya Cinta
06. Bisa setia ft ipang
07. Bidadari
08. Cintaku Masih Di Hatimu
09. Jangan Malu Malu
10. Kucing Rasta ft Upie.
11. Republik Uye Kejawen Version

Bumi - Terbang Dalam Surga ( FUll Album 2008)

Download Track List

Aura Kasih - Malaikat Penggoda (Full Album)

Name : Aura KasihBirthday : 23rd February 1988
Favorite Music : Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Flaming Lips, Keane, fergie, Oasis, Jewel, Collective Soul, Foo Fighters, Muse, Arcade fire.artic Monkey, Rihanna, Frank Sinatra, Bounty Killer, Led Zepelin, 311, BRMC, Baby Charm, Sublime, Madonna.
Favorite TV Shows : MTV, travel&living, jack ass
Favorite Movies : City of Angel, If Only, Blood Diamond, Sex in The City, Desperate House wives, Closer, Six Sense, Entourage
Favorite Books : Secret, You, 18habbits
Aura Kasih, is an Indonesian singer, born in Bandung Indonesia on 23rd February 1988. Started her debut on the entertainment scene as a finalist on Miss Indonesia 2007 representing the Lampung province. Her first album entitled with Malaikat Penggoda with her hit-single Mari Bercinta most well known for its dance-hall and up-beat genre.

Download Full Album (Click Here)

Tracklist :
01. Harta Cinta
02. Tergila Padamu
03. Memori
04. Long Distance
05. Demi Cinta
06. Mata Ke Ranjang
07. Diantara Kita
08. Mari Bercinta
09. Puncak Asmara
10. Cinta Mati

ST12 - P.U.S.P.A (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List

Chiquita Meidy - Tergantung Kamu [ALBUM 2008]

Download Track List
01. Tergantung Kamu
02. Tak Mau Lagi (Tanpamu)
03. Putus Saja - Missing
04. Siapa Bilang
05. Yes Or No
06. Narsis
07. Mungkinkah Kecewa - Missing
08. Jangan benci Aku
09. Masihkah Ada
10. Masih Rahasia

Anima - Matahari (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List

Nidji - Top Up (Full Album)

Nidji is a new Indonesian band, debuting their first major album ‘Breakthru’ at mid-2006, has been sold over 300,000 copies and received double platinum award from Musica Studios (as of 16 Oct 2006). The band’s line-up is Adri Prakarsa (drums), Ariel (lead guitar), Giring Ganesha or better known as Giring (vocals, keyboards, guitars), Andro Regantoro (bass), Rama (rhythm guitar) and Randy Danistha (keyboards).

Download Track List

Caramel (Ully / Geby) - Tinggal Kenangan (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List

3 DIVA - A Lotta Of Love (Full Album 2008)

The 3 Diva is not a group, but they are the 3 Indonesian singers Titi DJ,Kris Dayanti and Ruth Sahanaya who once in a while perform together and had a concert tour in 2006 to the big cities of Indonesia like Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.Normally they perform solo.

Download Track List
1. A lotta love
2. Adilkah ini untukku
3. Mencinta
4. Semua jadi 1
5. Andaikan kau datang
6. Sang dewi
7. Yang kumau
8. Meski terasa berat
9. Pilihlah aku
10. Bicara cinta
11. Kuingin
12. Maafkan kepergianku
13. Mencintaimu

Padi - Tak Hanya Diam (Full Album 2008)

PADI was originally one of the campus bands in Airlangga University (Unair), Surabaya. The band consists of Andi Fadly Arifuddin (Fadly, vocalist), Satriyo Yudhi Wahono (Piyu, guitarist), Ari Tri Sosianto (Ari, guitarist), Rindra Risyanto Noor (Rindra, bassist), and Surendro Prasetyo (Yoyok, drummer).

They were called SODA before eventually dubbed as PADI. The band first performed at a gig at Unair’s Faculty of Law, October 1996, and formally known as PADI in April 8, 1997. Yoyok, the drummer, proposed the name PADI, Indonesian for “rice”. It was not only inspired by the philosophy of rice, which bows even further down when ripen, a symbol for modesty. But also by the fact that it is Indonesian staple food that everybody could enjoy. From peasants, little kids, to the executives. Though PADI’s name is often associated with something “boorish”, being the food for the poor, PADI has a very down-to-earth sense. In their perspective, PADI is also the symbol for prosperity.

Track List
01. Sang Penghibur
02. Harmony
03. Belum Terlambat
04. Rencana Besar
05. Terluka
06. Jika Engkau Sedih
07. Teruslah Bernyanyi
08. Ode
09. Jangan Datang Malam Ini
10. Aku Bisa Menjadi Kekasih

Potret - I Just Want To Say I Love You (Full Abum 2008)

After the band you're in have made it big with an album, it's your own solo album that is the true test of your talents.Melly Goslaw (better known as Melly), lead singer/songwriter for the pop-alternative band Potret, has just released her new self-titled debut album. The result is an eclectic album -- there's a bit of everything from pop, swing, techno, dance, classic, and opera.Besides reaching out to every music lover, she also shows off her English in the opening prologue and Japanese on the first track,"Ingin Sendiri Dulu."The album's first single"Bumi Ini"has a swing beat to it and in the track"2 Insan,"Melly offers a fresh sound to her fans as she sings breathlessly and hums girlishly.On the Krisdayanti hit song, Melly proves that she can breathe in new life in a song and still make it sound good."Menghitung Hari"is an acoustic delight and the duet with Ari Lasso (former Dewa 19 vocalist)"Jika"will catch on with its upbeat tone and deep lyrics.Other highlights include the catchy"Tak Apa,"the rocky"Tepi Sungai Yang Kering,"the techno"Tak Laku,"and the classical"Sendiri Lagi."But the gem must be"Kupu-kupu"-- sung in an operatic style.All in all, Melly's debut album is a reflection of her versatility reinforced by her strong songwriting skills. This is undoubtedly one of the best materials produced by an Indonesian musician.Maybe she should go solo after all.

Download Track List
01 - I Just Wanna Say I L U
02 - Musim Putus
03 - Tak Mudah
04 - Apa Harus Putus Dulu
05 - I Just Wanna Say I L U (Score)
06 - Mungkin (Shuffle Score)
07 - Bagaikan Langit (Lounge Version)
08 - Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta
09 - Lukisan Cinta
10 - Mungkin
11 - Bagaikan Langit (Score)
12 - Mungkin (Score)
13 - Mungkin (Waltz Score)
14 - Musim Putus (Score)
15 - Musim Putus (Sad Score)
16 - Putus Dulu (Score)

Lagu Terbaik MTV Ampuh Vol.01 (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List

Sheila On 7 - Menentukan Arah (Full Album 2008)

Sheila on 7 is the name of a popular Indonesian music band from Yogyakarta. They had changed their formation several times since their formation on the 6th May 1996. Their first formation consisted of Akhdiyat Duta Modjo (Vocals), Saktia Ari Seno (Guitar), Eross Candra (Guitar), Adam Muhammad Subarkah (Bass) and Anton Widiastanto (Drum). Their current formation (2006) consists of Akhdiyat Duta Modjo (Vocal), Adam Muhammad Subarkah (Bass), Eross Candra (Guitar) and Brian Kresno Putro (Drums).

Download Track List
01. Betapa
02. Yang Terlewatkan
03. Ibu Linda
04. Jalan Keluar
05. Mudah Saja
06. Arah
07. Lia Lia Lia
08. Alasanku
09. Segalanya
10. Sampai Kapan

Pongky Manullang - Self Titled (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List
Pongky Manullang - Self Titled (2008) - Helen
Pongky Manullang - Self Titled (2008) - Cinta
Pongky Manullang - Self Titled (2008) - One Lovely Evening
Pongky Manullang - Self Titled (2008) - Kau Yang Ku Sayang
Pongky Manullang - Self Titled (2008) - Jauh
Pongky Manullang - Self Titled (2008) - Ketika
Pongky Manullang - Self Titled (2008) - Kembali
Pongky Manullang - Self Titled (2008) - Tanpamu
Pongky Manullang - Self Titled (2008) - Sersan Nurcholish

The Best Of Republik Cinta Management - Vol.1 (2008)

The Best Of Republik Cinta Management

Download Track List

  1. Dewa 19 - Perempuan Paling Cantik Di Negeriku Indonesia
  2. Mulan Jameela Ft Dewi Dewi - Sakit Bukan Main
  3. Koil Ft The Rock - Kenyataan Dalam Dunia Fantasi
  4. Andra & The Backbone - Musnah
  5. Dewi Dewi - Begitu Salah Begitu Benar
  6. The Rock - Munajat Cinta
  7. Mulan Jameela - Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy
  8. Dewa 19 - Dewi Cinta
  9. Dewi Dewi - Roman Picisan
  10. The Rock - Aku Cinta Kau Dan Dia
  11. Mulan Jameela - Lagu Sedih
  12. Andra & The Backbone - Lagi Dan Lagi
  13. Dewa 19 - Sedang Ingin Bercinta
  14. The Rock - Arjuna

The Doctors - 1st Is Magic (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List

Steven & Coconut Treez - Good Atmosphere (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List

Peterpan - Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita (Full Album 2008)

Superstardom is rarely achieved in the Indonesian music world but this band officially reached that status in 2004 when their second album "Bintang di Surga" (Stars in Heaven) sold more than 2.7 million copies. The six members of PETERPAN shattered more than expectations when they became one of the best-selling bands in the country's history. In that same year the band broke another record when it played six cities in 24 hours.
While the numbers matter, it is their music that speaks to a younger generation in need of the sing-along soft rock served up by these twenty-somethings from Bandung, West Java.

Lead singer and heartthrob Ariel has managed to craft some of the most infectious pop songs in recent years, turning the band into a household name in Indonesia after just three albums. The first album, "Taman Langit" (Sky Park), sold 850,000 albums, a feat few rock bands can claim.
The third album, a soundtrack, turned an otherwise mediocre movie into a relative success, affirming once again the midas touch of these pop phenomena. Simple hooks and lyrics about love and friendship will grab your ear from the outset but it's Ariel's warm and instantly-familiar voice that will make it almost impossible to get the songs out of your head.
Download CD1:

Download CD2:

D.O.T - Belahan Jiwa (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List