Dewi Lestari - Out Of Shell

Dewi Lestari is quite an amazing person. She is a singer, songwriter and a novelist. One of her most popular literary works is the ‘Supernova’ series of novels. Have you read them? Dewi is also a guest speaker and presents seminars both here in Indonesia and overseas.

Dewi lives in Bandung but KGRE was lucky enough to meet her at Balai Sarbini in late April 2006. She was there appearing in a concert with her husband, Marcell. Dewi was so kind as to sit down with Kevin for a few minutes to talk about her life, her work and her amazing interest in English. It was hard to find a quiet place but they eventually found a back corridor to do the interview in. In fact Kevin was somewhat in awe of Dewi when they met.

Kevin had listened to Dewi's latest CD while he was flying to Jakarta a few days earlier. The CD, titled ‘Out of Shell’, is nothing short of incredible. It may not be to everyone's liking, but without a doubt, the English language Dewi uses is simply fantastic. Tracks such as ‘Simply’ and ‘The End’ are two of Kevin's favourites. The music and the words are quiet and relaxing — a feast for the ears and the heart.

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Dewi Sandra

Think about this for a minute. You are waiting for something to happen. Perhaps you have been waiting for a long time. Nothing happens! You are frustrated. What do you do? Dewi Sandra was in that situation a few years ago. Dewi needed good songs, new ones, to record and perform. Dewi told Kang Guru that a few years ago she had found herself waiting for new songs to be written for her.
The trouble was that these promised songs were not arriving on her doorstep. So, what did she do? That's right – she started writing her own. Now wasn't that a great solution to her problem? Dewi started writing songs, even though she had no experience and couldn't play any instruments. Slowly but surely, Dewi developed the skills needed to write music and lyrics.
In the beginning, she used to hum tunes to friends and they'd help her write the music down. It took quite a while to develop her song writing skills but Dewi perservered and now writes many of her own songs. In fact, Dewi has written most of the songs on her latest CD called STAR. Some are in Indonesian and some in English and some she has written in collaboration with other artists including her husband, Glenn Fredly.


His full name is Marcellinus Siahaan and he was born in Bandung. His parents are native Batak. According to Marcell, his interest in music came from his grand parents because they were musicians. They played the violin, the piano and the saxophone to him when he was young. Marcell really loves music and especially black music. Singers such as Marvin Gaye and Brian McKnight are his favourites.
Marcell is a relatively new singer to much of Indonesia. He is currently starring in a movie called ‘Andai Ia Tahu’. It is a romantic comedy. Have you seen it yet? It is funny and Marcell is a fine young actor. KGRE met up with Marcell late in 2002 and he had a lot of to say. You can hear more of his interview on KGRE during April and May 2003.

Marcell's new album will concentrate on getting that ‘total black sound’ that he likes so much. He feels that some Indonesian singers have a black sound as far as the lyrics go but the music is still basically pop music. Marcell is confident with his English and is keen to improve it both for his singing career and also for his law career. Marcell says that his grandparents and parents were interested in English.
While he was at school he was also interested. As far as his career goes, Marcell says, “It's very important, especially like this when I've got an interview or someday I hope I can see more people around the world, so if my English is poor, I think I can not have it.”

Shanty - Dance With Me (Full Album 2008)

Shanty is well known in Indonesia as a model, singer and VJ. Here's what Shanty told KGRE about her career so far and in the future. “I am a singer, presenter, whatever — anything that I can do in this entertainment business.” She just loves the entertainment business, doesn't she? Shanty always wanted to be a singer.

Her first demo in 1996 was rejected by a record company. Not a great start you might say but guess what? That very same recording company has since signed Shanty to a recording contract. In the meantime Shanty tried modelling, but guess what? Too short for that career.

How about being a VJ? Shanty tried that too but was so nervous at her first audition that she didn't get that job either. Shanty wasn't going to give up on the entertainment business and 2 years later re-auditioned for MTV and guess what? She was successful. Shanty told KGRE the three reasons she got that job, and stayed with MTV for three years.

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Ussy - The Other Side Of Me (Full Album 2008)

Ussy is getting more serious about music. After the success of her first album, It’s Me Ussy, which hit stores in August 2007, the multitalented singer released her second album The Other Side of Me on Jan. 11, 2009.
Download Track Lists:

01. Tangguh [Download]
02. Benci Lagu Cinta [
03. It’s You (Feat. Domino Band) [
04. Main Api [
05. Lovely [
06. Pacar Baru [
07. It’s You (Karaoke)
08. Tangguh (Karaoke)

While her first album demonstrates her interest in pop music, the second album, especially the single “Benci Lagu Cinta” (Hate Love Song), shows she is also into rock.

The single composed by Regy Chasmala and arranged by DJ Soemantri is different to the songs found on It’s Me Ussy.
“I perform a bit different on my second album. The music and the theme are rock but feminine. Through different tones, we can have a new character that is not monotonous,” Ussy said.

Opick - Cahaya Hati (Full Album 2008)

Religious singer Opick believes the current mushrooming of religious music, especially as the fasting month of Ramadhan approaches, is motivated by business and has nothing to do with promoting religiousness.

Track List :
01. Hanya Allah
02. Cahaya Hati
03. Ya Nabi Salam
04. Alangkah Indah
05. Cinta Setulus Jiwa
06. Hamba Hamba Allah
07. Ketika Cinta
08. Allah Ya Nur
09. Tuhan Lindungilah
10. Ramadhan Tiba

Download Full Album (Klik Here) .
"To strive for improvements, we should work together," Opick, who was once a little-known rocker, said after a concert in Surabaya on Wednesday.

Opick said real Islamic music not only needed lyrics and melodies, but something deeper to encourage spirituality in its listeners' daily lives.

"We can start with small things. I'm also still learning," Opick, whose real name is Ainur Rofik Lil Firdaus, was quoted as saying by Antara.

In the weeks leading up to Ramadhan, singers and boy bands in the country often release their so-called religious albums, which include video clips of them wearing Muslim attire.

Ello - Realistis/Idealis (Full ALbum 2008)

His full name is Marchello Tahitoe but we all know him as Ello. He is a singer and has already made one fantastic album called ‘Ello’. This self-titled album features many wonderful songs including the big hit ‘Pergi Untuk Kembali’ which his father had as a hit song back in the 1970s.
Download Tracklists:
Ello grew up with two dreams - one was to be a football player and the other was to be a singer. One has come true but as Ello explains, the other one probably never will.
Ello grew up in a musical family. Ello is from Ambon and has actually been singing since 1996. Less than a year ago he decided to take up singing professionally. His dad is a composer and his mother is a singer. Ambonese are well known for their musical ability. Both Glenn Fredly, a cousin of Ello, and Ruth Sahayana are from Ambon. Like many Ambonese, Ello and Glenn have a great vision for Ambon.

De'5 - Terindah (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List :
01. Terindah
02. Tak Mau Dimadu Feat. Kristina
03. Tak Pernah Tau
04. Pembohong & Penipu
05. Setia Atau Selingkuh (S.A.S)
06. Malu Malu Kucing
07. Cinta Terlarang
08. Penjahat Cinta
09. Ayo Ngaku
10. Aku Pasti Datang

Download De’5 - Terindah [ Download Full Album ]

Garasi - Garasi II (Full Album 2008)

Download TrackList :
01. Lelah
02. Tak Ada Lagi
03. Luna
04. Duakan Aku
05. Salam Untuk Dia
06. Ingin Kau Kembali
07. Aggressive Trance
08. Full Moon
09. Posesif
10. Nothing's Gonna Last
11. Utsutona Kokoro

Chili - Langkah Besar (Full Album 2008)

Download Track List:

01. Lelaki Setia
02. Maafkan
03. A.B.C.D
04. Dewi
05. Ingin Kau Kembali
06. Aku Bukan Dia
07. Selalu
08. Hanya Mimpi
09. Hilang
10. Selamanya Dia

Jamrud (Full Album 2008)

Jamrud is a 4 person Indonesian rock band, based in Cimahi, Java. The band started in 1989 as Jam Rock and is still active, although they changed singer and drummer. in 1996 they changed their name in Jamrud. Band members are: Azis Mangasi Siagian, guitar; Krisyanto, vocals; Ricky Teddy, bass and Suherman Husin, drums.

01. Setan Manisku
02. Ingin Kembali
03. Tak Sempurna
04. Mimpi Jadi Presiden
05. Aku Vs. Jam Wekker
06. Stop! Sampai Disini
07. 1+2+3=Gila
08. Tak Sempurna (Karaoke)
09. Aku Vs. Jam Wekker (Karaoke)10 Jamrud - Ingin Kembali (Karaoke)

Download (full album) Jamrud

Tere - Teretorial Hits (Full Album 2008)

This Jakarta native is no newcomer to the music industry but it took a guest appearance on a 2000 release by the Pas Band to get her noticed. Kesepian Kita stands out on her debut effort and was featured in the hit movie "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta."
Download Tracklist:
The single helped launch her career as a singer and not just as a backup vocalist for Reza, Ahmad Dhani and several other top Indonesian musicians.
It took her three years to make it but when "Awal Yang Indah" came out in 2001, the awards began to roll in and more than 150,000 copies were sold. At 27, she now has three solo albums under her belt and continues to put out some of the best videoclips in the business.

KLa Project - KLa Returns (Full Album 2008)

Katon, Lilo, Ari and Adi (or KLa) joined up to form KLa Project in 1988. The Jakarta natives quickly became known for their easy listening love songs and were radio staples for much of the 1990s. The band has undergone a number of lineups since then though Katon Bagaskara remains the locomotive behind the group well into the new millennium.
In 2004 the band recruited new members, including former Dewa bassist Erwin Pras, and changed its name to NuKLa. The band continues to craft the infectious pop music that has been the key to its longevity and success for nearly 20 years.
Download Track List:
01. Kla Project - Someday


The fate of childhood stars is often an all too predictable one but in the case of Sherina, the exception may prove the new rule. This pint-sized singing sensation found stardom in her 2001 film "Sherina's Adventure," which, at 10 years old, turned her into a household name. Now, at 16, she is taking her music from orchestral arrangements to heartfelt pop songs dealing with such teen themes as loneliness and love. Her 2007 release has earned her a new following of young Indonesians that are also dealing with the growing pains, and pleasures, that accompany every teenager's coming of age.


Did you ever wonder what economics students do in their spare time? You might think fun with the Laffer curve or a discussion of Schumpeter but in fact some economists have more in common with Fleetwood Mac than Friedman. Witness the economics department of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta.
One student, NISFI, showed so much talent she was told she should make an album of her own. The Javanese beauty took up the challenge and came up with ten easy-listening tracks that would make any art student jealous. With her debut effort now on iTunes, students from around the world can put this cd on in the background and start cramming for the next exam.

Kahitna - Cinta Sudah Lewat

The band's fifth album maintains the romantic touch that made it famous in the 1990s. With age, however, comes inevitable contact with the bitterness of breakups and age-old questions of fate and finality.
"Cinta Sudah Lewat" (After the Love) reflects that maturity process, with songs delving into themes of loneliness, betrayal and broken promises. Still, the band manages to keep the music uplifting while raising questions of how to keep that love alive when the fire below begins to fizzle.
A new, third vocalist on their 2003 release adds texture to simple string arrangements and a hummability that has made this one of the most enduring bands in the country.

Download Track Lists:

01. Cinta Sudah Lewat
02. Tentang Diriku
03. Tak Mampu Mendua
04. Jadi Saja
05. Bumi Indonesia
06. Belum Ada Janji (missing files)
07. Menikahimu (missing file)
08. Pasadena (Instrumental) (missing file)
09. Terima Kasih Cinta (missing file)
10. Takkan Satu (missing file)
11. Dunia Lain Untukmu (missing file)
12. Takkan Terganti

Java Jive - Gerangan Cinta (Biggest Hits 2007)

Once again comes another hit-making sensation from Bandung. This time, however, the sound is easy listening. Sweet harmonies and romantic lyrics made these six guys a favorite of hand holders everywhere. As puppy love bloomed, songs like Gadis Malam (Girl of the Night) and Kau Yang Terindah (Beautiful You) set the mood.
"Gerangan Cinta", perhaps was their biggest hit, can still be heard on the airwaves and in local bars and cafes covering the golden oldies of Indonesian pop. The band may no longer be around but their timeless melodies and sing-along lyrics remain stuck in the heads of millions.
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From pop to dance, the fifth album by disco diva ROSSA may be her most diverse. The 28-year-old has evolved from singing children songs as she first did when growing up in West Java. The Sundanese beauty has been transfixed with singing since she first saw a microphone. Shortly thereafter her first album was completed at 10 years old. Music followed her (or vice versa) as she got older and by the time she was in high school she had put together an album for her teenage friends. The success of that work in 1996 helped convince her to pursue music professionally after studying communications at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. "Kembali" is the product of a collaboration with some of the best in the business, including members of Element and Jikustik as well as Melly and Anto Hoed. The album went platinum soon after it was released in 2004 and still remains one of that year's best collections of love songs for the broken-hearted in need of a touch of inspiration.


The moment Bebi opens his mouth you know you're in for something different. The husky baritone voice reminds one of Tom Jones with a catchy twist and has become the signature style of this Jakarta-based band. After departing from their former bands like Netral and Bima, the three came together in 1997 to fuse pop and rock to their fascination with the evergreen classics of yesteryear. Their love songs are cruel to be kind, revealing a penchant for kitsch and a mature sensibility that belies their youthful spirit.

Letto - Lethologica (Full Album 2009)

Noe, Dedi, Arian and Patub are the four members of Letto. This band is from Jogyakarta. They are young, highly educated, proficient in English and they love music. KGRE met them in September in a small warung at Jakarta Airport.
They were returning to Jakarta from a performance at the Science Olympics in Semarang the night before. Noe, lead singer of the group, did talk a little about his interest in science. He explained that he attended Alberta university in Edmonton, Canada for five years and it was there that he graduated with a Bachelor of Science with majors in Maths and Physics.
Patub is also university graduate majoring in agriculture. Dedi is currently studying at Universitas Muhammadiyah Jogjakarta.

Duo Derby - Gelora Asmara (OST "Kepompong" FUll Album 2008)

Download Track Lists :

J-Rocks - Spirit (Full Album 2008)

The debut effort by this band from Jakarta owes as much to the space rock of Japan as it does to prog rock from the UK. The influence of Muse is unmistakable and their tribute to Japan clear in their adaptation of Kono Mune Ni. The band manages to come up with a range of styles on its 2005 release but sounds best when the drums and guitar are played with as much aggression as possible.
The first single Topeng Sahabat shows the promise of a band carving out its own sound and a singer not afraid to hit a falsetto when necessary. Powerful live shows earned the band its initial following and the number of fans is sure to increase as this first album climbs the charts.

Download Track Lists:
01. Cobalah Kau Mengerti.mp3
02. Spirit.mp3
03. Juwita Hati.mp3
04. Tersesal.mp3
05. Kau Curi Lagi (Ft. Prisa).mp3
06. Saatnya Kau Bicara.mp3
07. Mestinya Kau Tahu.mp3
08. PDKT.mp3
09. Aku Harus Bisa.mp3
10. Semakin Sendiri.mp3

Download J-Rocks - Spirit [ Download Full Album ]

Sheila On Seven - Betapa (Full Album 2008)

Track List

Tina Toon - I Love Music (Full Album 2008)

Tina Toon (Agustina Hermanto), first known as child singer and young actrees in Indonesia. She became populer in her first debut in Bolo-bolo song and her neck dancing. She was born in Jakara August 20th, 1993. She started recording for new album in 1998, but her career was halt when Indonesian politics was in chaos in that year. Then she was not continued the recording.
She joined to club which is owned by Papa T Bob. He gave a new name for her, and she called "Tina Toon".
Her parents are Megawati and Aan Hermanto. She continously released new songs album; satrtes with Bolo-Bolo (1999), Siram (2000), Goyang Tina Toon (2001) and then Arti Bolo-Bolo (2003).
In 2004, Tina tried to acting in comedy movie, the movie tittle was "TINA TOON & LENONG BOCAH", directed by Aditya Gumay and staring by Ingrid Widjanarko, Ria Irawan, Vicky Burky, Alicia Johar, and Piyu Padi. Tina also joined in musical theatre and became actrees in "BAWANG MERAH DAN BAWANG PUTIH" with Rachel Maryam dan Dian Sastrowardoyo.

Download Track List:
01 - Diaryku
02 - In My Birthday
03 - Penggemar Berat
04 - Suka Kamu
05 - Cinta Malu
06 - Pelangi Cinta
07 - Katakan Cinta
08 - Sahabat Sejati
09 - Rasa Itu
10 - Aku Sudah Besar