NaFF - Rahasia Hati (Full Album 2008)

NaFF Climbing up the charts is this band from Bandung. Ironically, the first single off NaFF’s latest album “Isyarat Hati” has a Minang flavor. While it may be a tribute to the rich musical culture of West Sumatra, it may also be that the band is experimenting with different sounds on their fourth and most eclectic album.
The 2006 release hit number nine on Rolling Stone Indonesia’s list of Top 10 albums in August of the same year. “Coming up with a wider variety of sounds was something we put a lot of thought into on this album,” explains lead singer Ady, who writes most of the songs. With more than 17,000 islands in the archipelago, these guys should have plenty to choose from as they continue on their road to pop stardom
Naff is a band from Bandung, Indonesia. The band consists of Ady (vocals), Ade (guitars), Dedi (guitars), Odeu (bass), and Hilal (drums). As of 2007, they have released 4 studio albums: “Terlahir” (2000), “Terbang Tinggi” (2001), “NaFF” (2002), and “Isyarat Hati” (2006).
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01 - Izinkan Aku
02 - Tak Seindah Cinta Yang Semestinya
03 - Kaulah Hidup Dan Matiku
04 - Sejenak Disampingmu
05 - Kekasih Kecil
06 - Hati Yang Lain
07 - Aku Slalu Disini
08 - Rahasia Hati
09 - Mengenangmu [ Ibu ]
10 - Buat Aku Tersenyum
11 - Perempuanku

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