Naif - Let’s Go! (Full Album 2008)

With tongue firmly in cheek, these former art school students came together in 1995 with a shared love of the early 60s. Decked out in aviator glasses, bell bottoms and shaggy manes, the Jakarta-based group dresses the part as much as their music embodies the spirit of such mellow yellows as the Monkees and the Mamas and the Papas.
For the older generation their music might remind them of when Ruby Tuesday was spinning on their Marantz turntables while today's kids might just think "This is Spinal Tap." Call them what you want, maybe even call them naïve, but don't call them out of their time warp.
The band continues to tour and attract new fans that are just as willing to take that magic carpet ride and break on through to the other side.
Download Track List
2. Nah Lo!
3. Dia Di Mana
4. Musnah Tinggal Debu
5. Janji Setia
6. Nyali (remix)
7. Bunga Hati
8. Ceriakan Dunia (akustikan)
9. Towal-Towel (najis version)
10. Gula-Gula (new version)
11. Let’s Go Disco!
12. Naif Instrumentalia (Jarwo iseng version)
13. Ajojing (Agrikulture’s diskotropika mix)

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