Peterpan - Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita (Full Album 2008)

Superstardom is rarely achieved in the Indonesian music world but this band officially reached that status in 2004 when their second album "Bintang di Surga" (Stars in Heaven) sold more than 2.7 million copies. The six members of PETERPAN shattered more than expectations when they became one of the best-selling bands in the country's history. In that same year the band broke another record when it played six cities in 24 hours.
While the numbers matter, it is their music that speaks to a younger generation in need of the sing-along soft rock served up by these twenty-somethings from Bandung, West Java.

Lead singer and heartthrob Ariel has managed to craft some of the most infectious pop songs in recent years, turning the band into a household name in Indonesia after just three albums. The first album, "Taman Langit" (Sky Park), sold 850,000 albums, a feat few rock bands can claim.
The third album, a soundtrack, turned an otherwise mediocre movie into a relative success, affirming once again the midas touch of these pop phenomena. Simple hooks and lyrics about love and friendship will grab your ear from the outset but it's Ariel's warm and instantly-familiar voice that will make it almost impossible to get the songs out of your head.
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