Tohpati - It’s Time (Full Album 2008)

Tohpati Ario Hutomo (born 21 July 1971 in Jakarta, Indonesia) is an Indonesian jazz guitarist and songwriter. He is known as the one of the most famous jazz guitarist in Indonesia. He has collaborated with many Indonesian musicians such as Glenn Fredly, Indro, Arie Ayunir and Shakila. Many of his work has traditional culture elements as he always try to combine both modern and traditional Indonesian music on his albums. The influence came from many different international jazz guitarists, but the most significant influence came from Pat Metheny.

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01 - Dancing Kids (Feat. Iwa K)
02 - Senandung Rindu (Feat. Putu Sutha)
03 - Cendrawasih (Voice By Lou Cp)
04 - My Dream (Voice By Iwan Wiradz)
05 - Untuk Diingat
06 - Kedamaian (Feat. Terry)
07 - Dewata (Voice By Kompyang Rake)
08 - It’s Time
09 - Song For Aceh (Voice By Marzuki)
10 - Gembala
11 - Kata Hati (Inspiration)

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