Ello - Realistis/Idealis (Full ALbum 2008)

His full name is Marchello Tahitoe but we all know him as Ello. He is a singer and has already made one fantastic album called ‘Ello’. This self-titled album features many wonderful songs including the big hit ‘Pergi Untuk Kembali’ which his father had as a hit song back in the 1970s.
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Ello grew up with two dreams - one was to be a football player and the other was to be a singer. One has come true but as Ello explains, the other one probably never will.
Ello grew up in a musical family. Ello is from Ambon and has actually been singing since 1996. Less than a year ago he decided to take up singing professionally. His dad is a composer and his mother is a singer. Ambonese are well known for their musical ability. Both Glenn Fredly, a cousin of Ello, and Ruth Sahayana are from Ambon. Like many Ambonese, Ello and Glenn have a great vision for Ambon.

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