J-Rocks - Spirit (Full Album 2008)

The debut effort by this band from Jakarta owes as much to the space rock of Japan as it does to prog rock from the UK. The influence of Muse is unmistakable and their tribute to Japan clear in their adaptation of Kono Mune Ni. The band manages to come up with a range of styles on its 2005 release but sounds best when the drums and guitar are played with as much aggression as possible.
The first single Topeng Sahabat shows the promise of a band carving out its own sound and a singer not afraid to hit a falsetto when necessary. Powerful live shows earned the band its initial following and the number of fans is sure to increase as this first album climbs the charts.

Download Track Lists:
01. Cobalah Kau Mengerti.mp3
02. Spirit.mp3
03. Juwita Hati.mp3
04. Tersesal.mp3
05. Kau Curi Lagi (Ft. Prisa).mp3
06. Saatnya Kau Bicara.mp3
07. Mestinya Kau Tahu.mp3
08. PDKT.mp3
09. Aku Harus Bisa.mp3
10. Semakin Sendiri.mp3

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