Jamrud (Full Album 2008)

Jamrud is a 4 person Indonesian rock band, based in Cimahi, Java. The band started in 1989 as Jam Rock and is still active, although they changed singer and drummer. in 1996 they changed their name in Jamrud. Band members are: Azis Mangasi Siagian, guitar; Krisyanto, vocals; Ricky Teddy, bass and Suherman Husin, drums.

01. Setan Manisku
02. Ingin Kembali
03. Tak Sempurna
04. Mimpi Jadi Presiden
05. Aku Vs. Jam Wekker
06. Stop! Sampai Disini
07. 1+2+3=Gila
08. Tak Sempurna (Karaoke)
09. Aku Vs. Jam Wekker (Karaoke)10 Jamrud - Ingin Kembali (Karaoke)

Download (full album) Jamrud

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