Tina Toon - I Love Music (Full Album 2008)

Tina Toon (Agustina Hermanto), first known as child singer and young actrees in Indonesia. She became populer in her first debut in Bolo-bolo song and her neck dancing. She was born in Jakara August 20th, 1993. She started recording for new album in 1998, but her career was halt when Indonesian politics was in chaos in that year. Then she was not continued the recording.
She joined to club which is owned by Papa T Bob. He gave a new name for her, and she called "Tina Toon".
Her parents are Megawati and Aan Hermanto. She continously released new songs album; satrtes with Bolo-Bolo (1999), Siram (2000), Goyang Tina Toon (2001) and then Arti Bolo-Bolo (2003).
In 2004, Tina tried to acting in comedy movie, the movie tittle was "TINA TOON & LENONG BOCAH", directed by Aditya Gumay and staring by Ingrid Widjanarko, Ria Irawan, Vicky Burky, Alicia Johar, and Piyu Padi. Tina also joined in musical theatre and became actrees in "BAWANG MERAH DAN BAWANG PUTIH" with Rachel Maryam dan Dian Sastrowardoyo.

Download Track List:
01 - Diaryku
02 - In My Birthday
03 - Penggemar Berat
04 - Suka Kamu
05 - Cinta Malu
06 - Pelangi Cinta
07 - Katakan Cinta
08 - Sahabat Sejati
09 - Rasa Itu
10 - Aku Sudah Besar

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