Cokelat - Panca Indera (Full Album 2008)

after absent 4 year realeased album ( expect 2 album is 'The Best Of – Tak Pernah Padam' and 'Untukmu INDONESIA-ku' in year 2006 ), in year 2008 this Cokelat come back with fifth album of them “PANCA INDERA”. Selected title “Panca Indera” Cokelat have occasion to be five senses coincidental presenting total personel of them, and album that is result merger what they look, they hear, they say , they touch dan juga nervousness that they fell then they pour in album “Panca Indera”. more importantly, fifth sense this part isn't separatedly one another same.

Those Also become hope cokelat, I hope that togetherness of them can be like that five sense ( amen ).inside processing album need time around one half a year this, music Cokelat still domination pop-rock with setting anger mood in every they song. because they confess can't appear on sweetly for song theme fall in love, beside it cokelat also out for maximize spirit exploration in deafen a music. Not surprised if there is song with etnik element like kendang and gending Bali, Dizyreddo which are the instrument music blow special 'aborigin' part can be hear in song ‘The Hardest Part’ also special show ANGIE HART vokalis group alternative from Australia Frente. Cokelat also play inside music bossanova in song ‘Nada Doa’. there is reggae music combination with sound electronic.Album “Panca Indera” for Cokelat by self form type totality in the music , no matter what happen with industry music, Cokelat constant possess spirit for straight exist.

Download Track List
1. Salah
2. Pinjam Hatimu
3. Bukan Hari Ini
4. The Hardest Part (feat Angie Hart)
5. Akhiri
6. Nada Doa
7. Suara Kemenangan
8. Terluka
9. Recall
10. Semangatku
11. Yang Terindah
12. Tak Berujung

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