Gigi - Jalan Kebenaran - Album Religi (Full Album)

They have been popular in Indonesia for over 10 years. They have released 10 CDs and have sold millions of cassettes and CDs all over the country. Their faces are easily recognized wherever they go and yet the members of GIGI are down to earth guys who really love their music.
They also love to use English, as Kevin found out when he met them in Jakarta last June. Kevin met Armand, Budhy, Dewa Budjana and Thomas in their Jakarta office and was lucky enough to spend a good hour with them talking about their careers, their hobbies, their education and their plans for the future.

The name GIGI comes from the ‘broad smile’ of an original member of the band. Armand went to SMA 5 in Bandung to study music and vocal skills. Dewa attended SMA 2 in Surabaya, as did Piyu from PADI and Dhani from DEWA. Bujana first joined a group called ‘Trilogy’ after attending school in Cimahi. GIGI began with five members. Dewa Budjana was born in Sumba.

One of Armand's favourite GIGI songs is ‘Andai’. All members of the band just love performing live. In fact they have done almost 60 concerts in the first 6 months 2003. Making video clips is their least enjoyable activity. ‘Kucari Yang Kumau’ took 10 hours to make.
One of their biggest thrills was performing in Brunei using Michael Jackson's sound equipment. Kris Dayanti is one of Dewa Budjana's favorite Indonesian artists. All four members of GIGI are heavily involved in writing their songs.

Download Track List
01. Pemimpin Budiman
02. Jalan Kebenaran
03. Gerbang CintaMu
04. Rinduku CintaMu
05. Yang Tak Terpikirkan part I
06. Dosa Ini
07. KaruniaMu
08. Yang Tak Terpikirkan part II
09. Jalan Kebenaran (Karaoke Version)
10. Rinduku CintaMu (Karaoke Version)

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