Padi - Tak Hanya Diam (Full Album 2008)

PADI was originally one of the campus bands in Airlangga University (Unair), Surabaya. The band consists of Andi Fadly Arifuddin (Fadly, vocalist), Satriyo Yudhi Wahono (Piyu, guitarist), Ari Tri Sosianto (Ari, guitarist), Rindra Risyanto Noor (Rindra, bassist), and Surendro Prasetyo (Yoyok, drummer).

They were called SODA before eventually dubbed as PADI. The band first performed at a gig at Unair’s Faculty of Law, October 1996, and formally known as PADI in April 8, 1997. Yoyok, the drummer, proposed the name PADI, Indonesian for “rice”. It was not only inspired by the philosophy of rice, which bows even further down when ripen, a symbol for modesty. But also by the fact that it is Indonesian staple food that everybody could enjoy. From peasants, little kids, to the executives. Though PADI’s name is often associated with something “boorish”, being the food for the poor, PADI has a very down-to-earth sense. In their perspective, PADI is also the symbol for prosperity.

Track List
01. Sang Penghibur
02. Harmony
03. Belum Terlambat
04. Rencana Besar
05. Terluka
06. Jika Engkau Sedih
07. Teruslah Bernyanyi
08. Ode
09. Jangan Datang Malam Ini
10. Aku Bisa Menjadi Kekasih

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