Potret - I Just Want To Say I Love You (Full Abum 2008)

After the band you're in have made it big with an album, it's your own solo album that is the true test of your talents.Melly Goslaw (better known as Melly), lead singer/songwriter for the pop-alternative band Potret, has just released her new self-titled debut album. The result is an eclectic album -- there's a bit of everything from pop, swing, techno, dance, classic, and opera.Besides reaching out to every music lover, she also shows off her English in the opening prologue and Japanese on the first track,"Ingin Sendiri Dulu."The album's first single"Bumi Ini"has a swing beat to it and in the track"2 Insan,"Melly offers a fresh sound to her fans as she sings breathlessly and hums girlishly.On the Krisdayanti hit song, Melly proves that she can breathe in new life in a song and still make it sound good."Menghitung Hari"is an acoustic delight and the duet with Ari Lasso (former Dewa 19 vocalist)"Jika"will catch on with its upbeat tone and deep lyrics.Other highlights include the catchy"Tak Apa,"the rocky"Tepi Sungai Yang Kering,"the techno"Tak Laku,"and the classical"Sendiri Lagi."But the gem must be"Kupu-kupu"-- sung in an operatic style.All in all, Melly's debut album is a reflection of her versatility reinforced by her strong songwriting skills. This is undoubtedly one of the best materials produced by an Indonesian musician.Maybe she should go solo after all.

Download Track List
01 - I Just Wanna Say I L U
02 - Musim Putus
03 - Tak Mudah
04 - Apa Harus Putus Dulu
05 - I Just Wanna Say I L U (Score)
06 - Mungkin (Shuffle Score)
07 - Bagaikan Langit (Lounge Version)
08 - Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta
09 - Lukisan Cinta
10 - Mungkin
11 - Bagaikan Langit (Score)
12 - Mungkin (Score)
13 - Mungkin (Waltz Score)
14 - Musim Putus (Score)
15 - Musim Putus (Sad Score)
16 - Putus Dulu (Score)

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