Dewi Lestari - Out Of Shell

Dewi Lestari is quite an amazing person. She is a singer, songwriter and a novelist. One of her most popular literary works is the ‘Supernova’ series of novels. Have you read them? Dewi is also a guest speaker and presents seminars both here in Indonesia and overseas.

Dewi lives in Bandung but KGRE was lucky enough to meet her at Balai Sarbini in late April 2006. She was there appearing in a concert with her husband, Marcell. Dewi was so kind as to sit down with Kevin for a few minutes to talk about her life, her work and her amazing interest in English. It was hard to find a quiet place but they eventually found a back corridor to do the interview in. In fact Kevin was somewhat in awe of Dewi when they met.

Kevin had listened to Dewi's latest CD while he was flying to Jakarta a few days earlier. The CD, titled ‘Out of Shell’, is nothing short of incredible. It may not be to everyone's liking, but without a doubt, the English language Dewi uses is simply fantastic. Tracks such as ‘Simply’ and ‘The End’ are two of Kevin's favourites. The music and the words are quiet and relaxing — a feast for the ears and the heart.

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