Dewi Sandra

Think about this for a minute. You are waiting for something to happen. Perhaps you have been waiting for a long time. Nothing happens! You are frustrated. What do you do? Dewi Sandra was in that situation a few years ago. Dewi needed good songs, new ones, to record and perform. Dewi told Kang Guru that a few years ago she had found herself waiting for new songs to be written for her.
The trouble was that these promised songs were not arriving on her doorstep. So, what did she do? That's right – she started writing her own. Now wasn't that a great solution to her problem? Dewi started writing songs, even though she had no experience and couldn't play any instruments. Slowly but surely, Dewi developed the skills needed to write music and lyrics.
In the beginning, she used to hum tunes to friends and they'd help her write the music down. It took quite a while to develop her song writing skills but Dewi perservered and now writes many of her own songs. In fact, Dewi has written most of the songs on her latest CD called STAR. Some are in Indonesian and some in English and some she has written in collaboration with other artists including her husband, Glenn Fredly.

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