Ussy - The Other Side Of Me (Full Album 2008)

Ussy is getting more serious about music. After the success of her first album, It’s Me Ussy, which hit stores in August 2007, the multitalented singer released her second album The Other Side of Me on Jan. 11, 2009.
Download Track Lists:

01. Tangguh [Download]
02. Benci Lagu Cinta [
03. It’s You (Feat. Domino Band) [
04. Main Api [
05. Lovely [
06. Pacar Baru [
07. It’s You (Karaoke)
08. Tangguh (Karaoke)

While her first album demonstrates her interest in pop music, the second album, especially the single “Benci Lagu Cinta” (Hate Love Song), shows she is also into rock.

The single composed by Regy Chasmala and arranged by DJ Soemantri is different to the songs found on It’s Me Ussy.
“I perform a bit different on my second album. The music and the theme are rock but feminine. Through different tones, we can have a new character that is not monotonous,” Ussy said.

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