Shanty - Dance With Me (Full Album 2008)

Shanty is well known in Indonesia as a model, singer and VJ. Here's what Shanty told KGRE about her career so far and in the future. “I am a singer, presenter, whatever — anything that I can do in this entertainment business.” She just loves the entertainment business, doesn't she? Shanty always wanted to be a singer.

Her first demo in 1996 was rejected by a record company. Not a great start you might say but guess what? That very same recording company has since signed Shanty to a recording contract. In the meantime Shanty tried modelling, but guess what? Too short for that career.

How about being a VJ? Shanty tried that too but was so nervous at her first audition that she didn't get that job either. Shanty wasn't going to give up on the entertainment business and 2 years later re-auditioned for MTV and guess what? She was successful. Shanty told KGRE the three reasons she got that job, and stayed with MTV for three years.

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