His full name is Marcellinus Siahaan and he was born in Bandung. His parents are native Batak. According to Marcell, his interest in music came from his grand parents because they were musicians. They played the violin, the piano and the saxophone to him when he was young. Marcell really loves music and especially black music. Singers such as Marvin Gaye and Brian McKnight are his favourites.
Marcell is a relatively new singer to much of Indonesia. He is currently starring in a movie called ‘Andai Ia Tahu’. It is a romantic comedy. Have you seen it yet? It is funny and Marcell is a fine young actor. KGRE met up with Marcell late in 2002 and he had a lot of to say. You can hear more of his interview on KGRE during April and May 2003.

Marcell's new album will concentrate on getting that ‘total black sound’ that he likes so much. He feels that some Indonesian singers have a black sound as far as the lyrics go but the music is still basically pop music. Marcell is confident with his English and is keen to improve it both for his singing career and also for his law career. Marcell says that his grandparents and parents were interested in English.
While he was at school he was also interested. As far as his career goes, Marcell says, “It's very important, especially like this when I've got an interview or someday I hope I can see more people around the world, so if my English is poor, I think I can not have it.”

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